Thursday, April 18, 2013

2013 Weimaraner Nationals - Day 2

On Friday, we made our debut in utility obedience at the Weimaraner Club of America Obedience trial.  The utility class is sometimes called "futility" because of the difficulty of the exercises.  We did not qualify but I was beyond thrilled with how Mia performed.  We NQ'd on 2 exercises but all of the others were great and the judge gave us some very nice compliments.  We have a few things I want to work on but I have no doubt that we will earn that UD title.  There are 6 exercises in Utility: Signals, Scent Discrimination (done twice - once with metal and once with leather), Directed Retrieve, Moving Stand for Exam, and Directed Jumping.

Signals - heeling

Signals - Stand you dog

Signals - down

Signals - Sit

Signals - Recall

Scent Discrimination - metal - I was thrilled with how Mia worked the pile!

Scent Discrimination - leather

Directed Retrieve

Moving Stand for Exam

Directed Jumping - High Jump

Directed Jumping - Bar Jump
*All photos by Phyllis Ensley Photography*

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