Monday, July 11, 2011

Retrieving Practice

Mia is doing really well with her retrieving practice.  Today, she did her first 2 retrieves off of the launcher which required her to swim farther than she ever has.  I'm so proud of her and how much progress she's made!  I'm planning to enter her in the retrieving ratings this fall and hopefully get her NRD rating (novice retrieving dog).  She is hard to see in some of the pictures, but I wanted to show how far she had to swim.

 Watching and waiting from the shoreline.
Hey!  I wanna go!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Ransom note for Mia!

The following message was received regarding the capture of Princess Mia:

"If you ever want to see your princess again, I'm gonna need $5000 and a Diet Sundrop!"

Needless to say the ransom was paid (at least the drink part of it) and Princess Mia was safely returned to her owner.

**My sister Anna, Mia's aunt, picked her up one day while I wasn't home and sent me this text and picture.  And no, I was never really worried because Mia adores her aunt and visa versa...but the look on Mia's face is priceless!  ***