Friday, November 19, 2010

Obedience Pictures

Here are some of the pictures the photographer took in Asheville where we earned the first 2 legs of our CD. I've found that when I compete, I don't really remember much about what happens in the ring and the pictures and video help to see what we did well and what we could improve. They can be a great teaching tool as long as you can accept constructive criticism and are willing and able to critique yourself.
Heel free (Saturday)

Finish (after our recall)
You can tell she is a little crooked

Figure 8 (Sunday)

Stand for Exam


Down Stay

(Photos: Dean Lake)

Monday, November 15, 2010

Mia earns the first 2 legs of her CD

So I have to start this post with the big news - Mia earned the first 2 legs of her CD this weekend at the Obedience Club of Asheville's show in Asheville, NC! Woohoo! Mia had 2 awesome runs and scored a 193 Saturday and 193.5 Sunday, earning 2 first place ribbons as well. I was so proud of my girl!

After our run Sunday, we met up with Debbie and Sky (whose house we were staying at, of course) and went for a wonderful hike in the NC mountains. The weather was beautiful and the girls had a fabulous time running all over the place.

At first, Mia didn't want to get her feet wet (she is a princess) but after a few trips through the creek, she decided that running through the water was pretty cool!

I love this picture of Mia and Sky looking out over the mountains.

On Saturday, Mia and I went to Lake Junaluska to walk around.

There were geese everywhere and Mia was quite fascinated by them.

Mia passed out at Debbie's house Saturday night.