Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Mia's Thanksgiving Visitors

Over the Thanksgiving holiday, Mia had some visitors staying at our house.  My aunt, who comes down every year from Virginia, had 3 doberman puppies she didn't want to leave with the dog sitter.  Mia did an amazing job with them (even my aunt was impressed with how well she did).  They tried to nurse on Mia a few times and Mia let them know there wouldn't be any of that.  She then redirected them and invited them to play instead.  Good girl, Mia!

 It was really interesting to watch the puppies over several days.  Even at a young age, you can really see personality differences.  They were very good house guests (or sun room guests)...but I think Mia was pretty worn out by the end of the week and was happy to have her yard back to herself:)

Don't worry, I won't be getting a puppy anytime soon.