Sunday, February 28, 2010

Getting ready for the big move

We spent the weekend getting our new house ready for us to move into next week. Mia got a little curious about the paint - the evidence is on her nose:)

Exhausted after spending the day watching me paint. Too bad I can't teach her how to help.

Today, Mia discovered all of the decorations by the pond out back. She is especially puzzled by the alligator and turtle.

She had to spend quite a lot of time in her "place" and did really well for an 11 month old puppy. Unfortunately, when I spread out an old sheet for a drop cloth, she decided that sheet should be her new "place"and proceeded to curl up on it...against the newly painted wall. Luckily, she didn't get any on her:)
Good girl Mia!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Grayhart's Special Request, RN

We traveled with Remi and her owner Erin to Greenville, SC this weekend to compete in both Rally and Conformation. We spent a couple of nights with Debbie and Sky (Mia's half-sister) and had a truly wonderful weekend of competition and fun! Mia not only qualified for her third rally novice leg, but we also placed second in our class with a score of 92. Since this was our third leg, we also earned our rally novice title. Mia is the first puppy from her litter to earn an AKC title. I am so proud of how hard she worked this weekend. It takes a lot out of any dog to do all that she did, let alone a puppy who wasn't even 11 months old yet. I am having so much fun with her and am excited about all of the wonderful things we are going to accomplish together.

Call to front with a finish left.

After getting our title! Debbie had a crate tag made that said "Grayhart's Special Request, RN" and Linda (Mia's breeder) sent us a beautiful weim tote.

Getting our toy for second place!

Before going into the ring for rally.


Conformation (because of the building and the lighting, getting good pictures was a challenge).


Fortunately, the weekend wasn't all work and no play. Debbie took us to a nearby neighborhood to get the dogs out and let them run. They had a blast romping around together!

Jessica, Mia, Remi, and Erin

Sky, Remi, and Mia

Sky, Remi, and Mia (such good dogs!)

We even took a handling class and learned a lot about stacking and gaiting. Mia even won her "class" in the handling class:)

We did an extra rally leg on Sunday and finished 3rd with a score of 87 (Mia got a little distracted by a barking dog)

At the hotel (silly girls!) Remi, Sky, Mia

On the way home - So tired! Mia's head is leaning back against her back...and she has slept like that since she was 2 days old. Don't believe me - check out her mother's blog at Go to March 25, 2009 and you will see Miss Pink sleeping upside down:)


Sleep tight girls! You deserve it!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Mia's first snow!

It's not often that we get snow on the southeastern coast of North Carolina but we did! I had to take advantage of the opportunity and take lots of pictures of the princess. Mia seems to like the snow - especially eating it!

Can we please go back outside???

So tired!