Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Grayhart's Special Request, RN

We traveled with Remi and her owner Erin to Greenville, SC this weekend to compete in both Rally and Conformation. We spent a couple of nights with Debbie and Sky (Mia's half-sister) and had a truly wonderful weekend of competition and fun! Mia not only qualified for her third rally novice leg, but we also placed second in our class with a score of 92. Since this was our third leg, we also earned our rally novice title. Mia is the first puppy from her litter to earn an AKC title. I am so proud of how hard she worked this weekend. It takes a lot out of any dog to do all that she did, let alone a puppy who wasn't even 11 months old yet. I am having so much fun with her and am excited about all of the wonderful things we are going to accomplish together.

Call to front with a finish left.

After getting our title! Debbie had a crate tag made that said "Grayhart's Special Request, RN" and Linda (Mia's breeder) sent us a beautiful weim tote.

Getting our toy for second place!

Before going into the ring for rally.


Conformation (because of the building and the lighting, getting good pictures was a challenge).


Fortunately, the weekend wasn't all work and no play. Debbie took us to a nearby neighborhood to get the dogs out and let them run. They had a blast romping around together!

Jessica, Mia, Remi, and Erin

Sky, Remi, and Mia

Sky, Remi, and Mia (such good dogs!)

We even took a handling class and learned a lot about stacking and gaiting. Mia even won her "class" in the handling class:)

We did an extra rally leg on Sunday and finished 3rd with a score of 87 (Mia got a little distracted by a barking dog)

At the hotel (silly girls!) Remi, Sky, Mia

On the way home - So tired! Mia's head is leaning back against her back...and she has slept like that since she was 2 days old. Don't believe me - check out her mother's blog at grayhartweims.blogspot.com. Go to March 25, 2009 and you will see Miss Pink sleeping upside down:)


Sleep tight girls! You deserve it!


  1. We're so proud of you guys! RN!!!!!

  2. We are so proud of you as well! I know that this will be the first of many titles for Mia. Well done!