Monday, November 15, 2010

Mia earns the first 2 legs of her CD

So I have to start this post with the big news - Mia earned the first 2 legs of her CD this weekend at the Obedience Club of Asheville's show in Asheville, NC! Woohoo! Mia had 2 awesome runs and scored a 193 Saturday and 193.5 Sunday, earning 2 first place ribbons as well. I was so proud of my girl!

After our run Sunday, we met up with Debbie and Sky (whose house we were staying at, of course) and went for a wonderful hike in the NC mountains. The weather was beautiful and the girls had a fabulous time running all over the place.

At first, Mia didn't want to get her feet wet (she is a princess) but after a few trips through the creek, she decided that running through the water was pretty cool!

I love this picture of Mia and Sky looking out over the mountains.

On Saturday, Mia and I went to Lake Junaluska to walk around.

There were geese everywhere and Mia was quite fascinated by them.

Mia passed out at Debbie's house Saturday night.

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