Friday, July 20, 2012

No time to rest

Even though I'm still on cloud nine with Mia's new CDX title, there is no time to rest for us.  We have an agility trial coming up in August and the retrieving ratings in October.  I am hoping to have Mia ready for RDX by then.  Here are some pictures taken from practice this week.  We've been working on doubles which basically means 2 bumpers are launched back to back.  Mia watches or "marks" where the 2 bumpers fall and then is sent to retrieve them one at a time.  She was sent to retrieve the long one first which was across the pond on the opposite shore.  Once she brought it back to me, I lined her up and sent back to get the other bumper which had fallen in a different part of the pond.

Retrieving the 2nd bumper

Good girl!

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