Wednesday, July 18, 2012

New CDX title for Mia!!!

I am beyond thrilled to announce that Mia earned her CDX (Companion Dog Excellent) title this weekend at the Durham Kennel Club Obedience show!!!!  Mia earned her 2nd leg on Saturday with a score of 194.5 and a 2nd place, and then earned her final leg and title on Sunday with a score of 192 and 3rd place!!  Mia had been doing really well on the individual exercises but was NQing on her out of sight stays.  We worked really hard over the last several months to proof those stays in somewhat stressful environments.  I was so glad to see our hard work paid off.  Now, we will be training for the utility level of obedience competition.  I am hoping to have Mia ready by April to compete at the Weimaraner Nationals.

Mia and me on Sunday after earning our title

When we got back to Wilmington, Mia was surprised with a congrats cake from my parents and sister.

Mia goofing off on Sunday afternoon with my brother.  Clearly, she thinks she's done working for a while ;)

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