Monday, October 24, 2011

Mia's First CDX leg!

We traveled to Simpsonville, SC this past weekend to compete in Open Obedience.  Mia had a nice run on Saturday and qualified for her first CDX leg with a 4th place.  We competed on Sunday and even though Mia had a beautiful run that would have earned us a 194.5/200, we NQ'd on the 5 minute out of sight down stay.  Apparently, the princess had a hard time getting comfortable and shifted around too much. Even though we didn't qualify, it was great to have such a nice performance.  1 leg down, 2 to go!

Requirements for Open Obedience:
  • Heel off leash (including a figure 8)
  • Drop on recall
  • Retrieve on the flat
  • Retrieve over the high jump
  • Broad Jump
  • 3 minute out of sight sit stay
  • 5 minute out of sight down stay
To qualify, the dog and handler team must earn at least 170 points out of 200 and at least 50% of the points on each exercise.

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