Friday, September 23, 2011

Back to retrieving practice

We've had a very busy September and since I've been back at work, I haven't had much time to update the blog.  Plus, we haven't really done any traveling.  No worries though - October is going to be packed full of fun stuff - I have plans to enter Mia in the retrieving ratings, obedience trial, and the local show here in Wilmington.  We are also going to do some field training to get ready for the upcoming hunt tests.  We did a lot of work over the summer with our retrieving practice and Mia made a lot of progress.  We haven't really done any water work in the last month so it was great to get back out there today.  I took Mia to the pond nearby just to do some fun retrieves and she did an awesome job!.  The time off hasn't set her back at all.  We have the ratings next Sunday and our fingers are crossed that Mia will qualify for her NRD (novice retrieving dog).

Last Friday, I did get to meet up with Diane to work Mia on duck and she did a really nice job.  Diane even did some work with her before I got there.  I was thrilled to see Mia's drive, especially when she realized there was a bird out there.  She also showed a ton of drive today when we practiced with the bumper.

On her way to get the bumper

Too bad I have to work everyday...if not, I would definitely spend as much time as I could with Mia...doing all these things we love:)

Good Girl!

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  1. I hear ya' about having to work instead of doing fun stuff with the gray ones!! Someday I'll hit the lottery and just do dog stuff LOL

    Mia looks great out there in the water...Good luck at the Ratings Test (This is one of my FAVORITE Weim competitive activities)
    I'll be looking forward to lots of blog updates during October!! :-)