Thursday, February 24, 2011

A Hike in the Mountains

Last weekend, we traveled to Greenville, SC for 3 days of shows. We got to spend some time with Debbie and Sky and even had a chance to take the girls for a hike in the beautiful NC mountains. We didn't win any points, but Mia showed well and placed in the open class everyday.

Mia and Sky were very intrigued by *something* in the ground.


  1. What fun! My Southern girls look great! Miss all of you and can't wait to see ya'all next summer!

  2. Thanks Linda - I think they look great, too:) It's too bad they didn't win - as Diane says, chicken one day feathers the next. I guess we were feathers all weekend. By the way - nice use of the word "ya'll" ;) We miss you too and can't wait to catch up this summer:)