Saturday, January 16, 2010

Hanging Around

Not much has been happening with Mia lately so I decided to just post some pictures of her hanging out. We are getting ready for a busy weekend in Charleston the last weekend in January. I am showing Mia in a sweepstakes and 2 specialities, followed by 2 days of conformation and rally. We are going to be worn out, that's for sure!

Such a pretty face! No wonder she's spoiled rotten!

Mia likes to grab sticks that are bigger than her and trot around with them. I have to keep a eye on her to make sure she doesn't hurt herself. I keep telling her it's not safe to run with sticks but it doesn't seem to be working:) After all, persistance in a gun dog is a good thing!


We will be moving in a few weeks which is why there are boxes everywhere.

"What do you want??? I'm busy."

Mama and her baby! Notice my shirt - down here, I get a lot of "what is she?" And then I tell people and they look at me like, huh?

Mia loves to get in the recliner with me and sleep in my lap.

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